November 8 - 10 2019 |Magic Box @ The Reef, LA.
  • Street Food Market

Refuel with inspired, easy, healthy food from the Street Food Market, featuring LA's hottest concepts.

Little leaves a bad taste in your mouth more than a great day out ruined by terrible food. That's why The Los Angeles Coffee Festival is thrilled to welcome some of the coolest food concepts in town this year for the second time. 

This is an innovative dining experience that  provides a blank slate for chefs from these awesome kitchens to join forces and create the ultimate festival menu. Last year, Triniti, Bluestone Lane, Lately and Pollen made up our Street Food Market. Who will be making up our Market this year? 

Whether you’re a meat-eater, super-food lover, or ‘gluten free, dairy free, everything free’, your hungry stomach is sure to be satisfied. 

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