November 9 - 11 2018 |Magic Box @ The Reef, LA.
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Shake. it. up


Debuting at The Los Angeles Coffee Festival, the first ever US Coffee Mixologists™ sees some of the world’s most talented baristas and mixologists join forces in a quest to deliver the ultimate coffee cocktail to a panel of expert judges.

Coffee Mixologists™ was launched at The Amsterdam Coffee Festival in 2017,  fusing the world of baristas – who work with one ingredient day-in, day-out to perfect their craft – with bartenders –  creative all-rounders who have a variety of ingredients to play with.
Bartenders and baristas will compete as teams of two to showcase their craft, innovation and teamwork. This is a high-octane event that is at once exciting and educational, where highly-skilled duos battle through four rounds and three days of competition.
And the prize, we hear you ask? The title of Coffee Mixologists – Los Angeles 2018, $2,000 cash.

Are you one half of a top-level barista-mixologist duo? Here is how to apply.

application process


Step one - In teams of 2 (one barista and one mixologist) send a one - two minute video of your coffee cocktail creation to us before September 1, 2018.

Step two - A panel of experts will view all entries and select the best eight duos

Step three - The eight chosen pairs are invited to participate in Coffee Mixologist LA 2018 during The LA Coffee Festival
Competition Time!

The competition

Round 1 - Each team is asked to prepare their signature cocktail live for the judges. The experts will assess all drinks for creativity, personality, technical skills and recipe development.

Quarter-Finals - Head-to-head knockout challenges based on the scores from Round 1. The team with the highest score will throw-down with the lowest scoring team, second highest against second lowest scored and so on and so forth.

Both teams will be asked to create a new, innovative coffee cocktail with various secret ingredients supplied on the spot. The four teams with the highest score advance to the semi-finals.   

Semi-finals - You know the drill – new round, new package with secret ingredients. Top two teams will proceed to the final.

Final - The remaining two teams will face each other for the final set of secret ingredients that are guaranteed to test competitors improvisation and creativity skills to the max.

Judges will score both coffee cocktails, and the duo with the highest score will walk away with the title of Coffee Mixologist, $1,000 and a trip to London!
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